Please Relax as if this is Your Home
A one house lodge started by a couple from Hachijojima

Hachijojima, our hometown is an island with many colors. White clouds flow over the blue sky and the sea. Red, yellow, and orange flowers bloom at the foot of the green mountain.
The sea breeze from the sea swings the leaf of foliage plants which is an island industry. We can feel the breath of the island from the leaves’ whisper.
At night, the sky is filled with stars, the bright full moon makes a shadow, and you can see the milky way in the summer sky with your own eyes.
We were born and raised in Hachijojima, and lived outside of the island when we were adults. We felt that the island’s beautiful environment cannot be taken for granted.

Whenever we came home to Hachijojima, we were always healed by the nature. We believe that guests who come to explore the island will also feel the slow air and feel relaxed.
We feel that the guests will be satisfied with the hotel, if we, who loves to travel, can make a satisfying hotel. We learn from trial and error by listening to our guests’ feedback to better serve you.
Please relax as much as you can thinking that this is your Hachijojima’s “wagaya”, your home.

Head of WA•GE•E -Atsumi Nakayama

Building Layout Enjoy your travel with Family or as a Group

Within the premises, there are two buildings. The two story house is where the guests will be staying. The other Japanese folk house is for guests who requests breakfast. The breakfast can be eaten there.
In the accommodation building, there are 3 bedrooms and up to 4 people can stay. There is also a big living room that you can relax in, a dining room, kitchen, and a bathroom.
Also, on the south side of the terrace, we have created a wooden deck that overlooks Mt. Mihara. Please enjoy your free time and space by feeling the south wind and listening to the birds chirp.
We believe this will make your stay with family and friends even more wonderful.

Floor Plan
Please relax and take your time. Check in 9:00A.M., Check out 3:00P.M.

Since you have come all the way to Hachijojima, we hope you can relax as much as time allows.
That is why WA•GE•E's check in time is 9:00A.M, and check out time is 3:00P.M. You can check in right after reaching the island by ship or by the first airplane. You can rest and go sightseeing. As for check out, please relax until your airplane time.

Access Convenient to Play, Convenient to Live

WA•GE•E's location is very convenient. 7 min. by foot to the nearest supermarket and restaurants and 16 min. by foot to Sokodo beach. Hachijojima airport is only 6min. away by car.
Although everything is in proximity, it is very quiet and peaceful since we are located off the main road.